About Me…

img_0176  Hello, my name is Kari… I know it’s a very un original way to start a sentence but bare with me, I’m new at this. I’m a Chef and have been for almost twenty years if you go by when I graduated from cooking school; in reality I was born a Chef. I have been cooking or playing with my food as long as I can remember and I have never stopped, I love food! I love playing with food, I love the science behind how food and cooking it works. I love the feeling that good food gives to people when you share it with them. I love that food is a continuous source of new information and learning. Mostly I love making those around me feel loved by cooking for them, food is the international language of love, when you cook for someone, they feel nourished and loved, it makes a group of strangers into friends, it makes a family event unforgettable, it makes childhood memories forever.

I am starting this blog for that very reason. I don’t think that cooking… really good cooking, is just for Chefs. Truth be told, good food is about simplicity and fun and enjoying the process of it. I want to give you the tools to cook like a chef wherever you are. I have worked in many areas of the industry as a caterer, prep cook, Executive Chef, Banquet Chef, Cooking School Instructor and finally as a Corporate Chef for a Franchise company specializing in high quality scratch made food. I hold true to my values and I would never present a recipe to anyone that I would not feed my own family.

I can’t say that I have a food philosophy but I believe in making everything from scratch. I know that sounds scary to many of you but making everything from scratch is much more fun and simple than it seems. I think food has become convenient and I think that’s sad because food is a huge part of everyone’s lives and I think we should take the time to make it incredible as often as we can.

I’m hoping this blog will be a great resource for you for not only for recipes as well as tips and tricks for great cooking but a place to laugh and feel at home even when I’m not talking about food. Listen, I’m a Chef through and through, at my core, in my heart and through my soul but it’s not all that I am. I’m a wife, my husband and I have been together for 20 years, he’s a first generation Canadian born to Greek parents, and boy is he Greek. But we laugh and we love and we fight and we eat. I am a mom, I have three babies who are slowly but surely  not babies anymore my oldest is about to be 14 and my daughter is 11 and my youngest is 8. But we laugh and we love and we fight and we eat. I’m a daughter to my wonderful parents who are incredible and I don’t know what I did to win the lottery of parents but I thank God every day for them. And I’m a sister, my sister is only eighteen months older, aside from my husband, she’s my best friend, she’s my polar opposite and a little crazy but we laugh and we love and we fight and we eat.

That’s me in a nutshell, I’d love to get to know you and hear how my blog and my recipes are helping you and if there’s any type of food you would like me to include, I am open to all suggestions.

Thanks for taking the time with me today.




5 thoughts on “About Me…”

  1. Stephanie perry said:

    Your love food shines through! Love watching you cook because there is an amazing glow about you, and your dishes are amazing!!!!


  2. Kari you’re an inspiration and I love your blog. I can feel the love in your cooking.


  3. jannettemartin said:

    Hi Kari – I made your chicken marinade recipe and it was a huge success! Trying the Chicken Souvlaki tonight. Can’t wait! Thanks for the Blog.


    • Hi Jannette,
      Yay! I’m so glad the marinade was a hit, I hope you like the Greek marinade, it’s one of our family favorites for sure! Have fun with it!


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