Ok, so I just finished my daily workout, I am definitely in “the zone” right now, that’s what I call it when I am able to eat clean and healthy and exercise effectively without feeling tortured. There are many times when I am not in the zone and this becomes much more difficult but I’ve found that pushing through those times rather than accepting falling off the wagon is better; for me it’s usually the difference between gaining 2-3lbs rather than 5-7lbs.

I thought I’d share my daily routine when I am in the zone in case anyone out there is trying to get on track. I love coffee, in fact I work for a coffee company, so yeah, I really love coffee. I generally start off my day at 5:00am and have two cups of coffee with 3 tsp. of 10% cream in each, I eat a three egg white omelette with cherry tomato halves, sundried tomatoes and two pieces of deli ham; it’s important to start off the day with protein. On my way to work a couple of hours later I will have an apple and then two more cups of coffee with cream in the morning at work, I told you I love it! For lunch I eat a huge salad, it has one can of tuna in water (drained) with one tbsp. of mayo, some lemon juice and dried oregano and then S&P to taste, I add pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries as well as some sundried tomatoes and a couple handfuls of kale salad mix. My dessert is usually dry frosted flakes or Honey Shreddies, I find cereal makes a great dessert because it takes a while to eat, it fills you up and satisfies that crunch/sugar craving. For dinner I will eat grilled chicken with kale salad, some steamed veggies and a lot of franks red hot or a mushroom burger which is just grilled mushrooms, a PC thin multigrain bun and load it up with lettuce, pickles, banana peppers, onion, tomato, Dijon and a little ketchup. At night I will usually have a grapefruit or an orange while I watch t.v, on the weekends I will have a few peanuts in the shell because they’re my favorite but only if I work out hard enough that day to justify the calories.

My workout is usually running, I love to run… I didn’t always know how and started really late in my mid 30’s but now I run everyday. I try to run 4 miles Mon.-Fri. and then 6 miles on days off or weekends. It may sound like a lot to those who are new to running or working out and it would be if you’re just starting. I really like having a program of intervals in my treadmill, it gives me small goals throughout the workout and gives me a few breaks as well. I usually go in a pattern of 1:45minute intervals starting at 4mph then up to 6mph, 5.5mph,5mph and back to 4mph, this repeats itself between 6 1/2 to 9 times depending on the workout and usually takes 46-63 minutes.

That’s pretty much my routine, it works great for me. The tricks to staying on track for me is understanding how I eat… I like big meals three times per day rather than grazing throughout the day. Always sitting quietly when I eat because eating on the go makes me feel like I missed a meal and staying on track using the My Fitness Pal App, it lets me know how much I can eat and what I burn throughout the day and gives me a safety net.