Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness may seem like a strange page to include on a food website but it’s a big part of who I am, my plan was to add a disclaimer that I am not an expert on fitness and nutrition but I changed my mind… I am an expert actually. I grew up as the chubby kid in my class, among my friends and even in my family and as I got older into my teens and early twenties, I became fat, I say that word unapologetically, I was fat. After I had my first son, I decided I had had enough and no longer wanted to waste my time making excuses and feeling bad about myself… long story short, I lost 85lbs. Now I was thin but not fit and really wasn’t eating much at all because I only knew to deprive myself to lose weight. I have maintained my weight loss through two more kids and fourteen years and I have educated myself on nutrition and fitness and I am proud to say I eat clean, healthy and A LOT, about 90% of the time, the rest is for wine and peanuts in the shell which are my absolute vice. I also fulfilled my dream of learning how to run; as a kid I could never do it but I watched as the other kids effortlessly ran around at recess and in gym class. Now I am proud to say I run on 35 miles per week on average and I really truly love it. I am going to use this section to post my thoughts and maybe some inspiration and advice, as well as any daily failures I have in this area because that certainly happens too. I will also discuss foods that I eat on the regular and ideas I have for people to stay on track the way I do, I have learned many tricks to feeling full and making a lifestyle out of being fit while not making it my whole life.